Fios1 News will go dark on Nov. 16 after Verizon declined to renew a 10-year contract with Rye Brook, NY-based Regional News Network (RNN), which produced the content for Verizon and FIOS.

Peter Kramer, of the “Rockland/Westchester Journal News,” broke the news Sunday evening.

“Barring a change in direction from Verizon, RNN News will cease providing news programming for Verizon’s Fios1 News network at 12:01 a.m. on November 16, 2019,” RNN’s President of News Richard French III wrote in a letter to employees that was obtained by the Journal News. “This means your employment will permanently end on November 15, 2019.”

About 150 people will be pinkslipped at FIOS1, which covers hyperlocal news in the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and on Long Island.

The network recently celebrated its 10th anniversary on the air.

Happy anniversary indeed.

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