Many is the time we heard a co-worker on a particularly frustrating day threaten to leave for a PR job.

Not many ever acted on it.

But down in Atlanta, that is exactly what Craig Lucie did.

After 8 years, he left Cox flagship WSB and his 4 PM anchor slot to start up a content and crisis communications business.

What’s the business plan?
“We are offering companies ‘content subscriptions’ so I will come in with a team and identify stories to humanize businesses, charities, organizations…you name it! The subscriptions are tiered so it caters to small, medium and large businesses and how many organic or cinematic storytelling pieces they may want. We will then strategically boost this content across many platforms. We will also help with website development, social media, crisis communications and your typical marketing/pr work. Mainly, we want to put companies and organizations on a path of becoming their own content creators.”

He’s basing his company in the Atlanta area.

Lucie previously worked at WESH in Orlando, KTBC in Austin, Texas and KZTV in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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