Some news accidentally leaked out of one of Chris Cuomo‘s nightly shoutfests on CNN.

Calling one of Cuomo’s “imterviews” raucous tends to become an overworn cliche.

After all, this is the guy who brings on Kellyanne Conway just so they can try to outshout each other for segments so interminable that even his colleague Don Lemon signalled his weariness.

But last night, the former New York mayor denied asking Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Then, he admitted it

Well….Rudy seems to be totally befuddled.

Throughout the interview the former New York City mayor shouted at Cuomo, repeatedly contradicted himself, declared Cuomo to be “the enemy” and at one point, placed his head on his hand and closed his eyes, showing off a New York Yankees World Series ring.

And voila, through no real fault of his own, a Chris Cuomo interview made news.

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