No excuses, no anger, no recriminations.

Just some refreshing defiance.

Still another bonehead with a social media account and too much time on their hands decided to deliver some unsolicited advice to a tv news person.

This time it was Tracy Hinson, weekend meteorologist at Tegna’s KSDK in St. Louis.

“Do you ever watch yourself giving the weather report? Seems that you need a girdle for the stomach overhang which shortens the front of your dresses! Today was not the first time I have noticed this. Maybe you should wear a top that covers the bulge in your stomach,” offered Mary, the otherwise unknown bonehead with a keyboard.

Hinson wasn’t fazed.

Mary didn’t get much in the way of support for her critique, but Hinson’s defiant response got close to 21,000 likes at last count.

And then Hinson rubbed it in over the next couple of days by posting pictures of what appears to be her favorite food.

We’re smiling ear to ear.

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