Yes LA folks, Courtney Friel will return to her anchor chair.

Certain nerves got frayed when, just after the release of a memoir excerpt in which former the former Fox Newser  related the time Donald Trump (pre-White House) made a pass at her, she seemingly went MIA.

Friel, now a weekend anchor at Nexstar’s KTLA in Los Angeles, wasn’t in the anchor chair at her regularly scheduled 5 p.m. slot, nor was she in it at 6 p.m., nor was she in it at 10 p.m., nor was she in the chair at 11 p.m. And on Sunday, she again was not in the anchor chair at 5, 6, 7, 10, or 11 p.m.

Friel went on vacation Monday to begin her book tour.

And the speculation started.

But Nexstar and station management reassured everyone that Friel will be back January 18th.

Mark your calendar.


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