It’s been two years since Diana Pierce stepped away from the anchor desk at Tegna’s KARE in Minneapolis, ending her 32-year tenure with the station.

So what is she up to now?

She fronts a Facebook Live show for the 50-plus audience, runs a livestreaming business and does mentoring.
“Women 40 to 70 follow me. That’s 60 percent of my audience. I know that guys in that same age range follow me. “What’s Next? With Diana Pierce” is geared for the 50-plus crowd and things that interest them. [For example,] Medicare. There are a bunch of changes coming for 2019 — 400,000 Minnesotans will be affected by this.”

It’s a busy life.
“I get to line up all my guests. I’m doing everything I did at Channel 11, but it’s the people I’m most interested in putting on air,” said Pierce.