Miranda Combs, investigative reporter at Gray’s WKYT in  Lexington, KY, was in Washington DC this week for the signing of a measure that would help curb the opioid crisis in state’s like Kentucky that are particularly hard-hit by the drug epidemic.

She excitedly shared the walk into the White House on her social media page.

And it was there she found her girl crush, which she excitedly shared on Twitter.

We’re happy for her.

And when it came time to file a story, we heard how happy various state and federal officials were that the bill had been signed.

Because “a big effort to handle a big problem”, and we learned just how big the problem is in Kentucky – roughly one in 100 babies born in this country struggling to take their first breaths are already chemically dependent

But we didn’t learn exactly what this wonder bill was going to do to address the problem.

We’ll keep guessing.

One last thing.

At the big ceremony, Mr. Trump forgot to sign the actual bill and it had to be retrieved and put before him again to get his actual signature.

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