So what happens in the wake of Paul Ossmann’s sudden and unceremonious dismissal from the weather center at Meredith’s WGCL in Atlanta?

Atlanta media watcher Rodney Ho decided to weigh in on the new parlor game sweeping the city’s popular media watering holes while providing some background to the ever spinning door on the station’s weather set.

Among the contenders:
Morning meteorologist Jennifer Valdez, who has managed to keep out of the line of fire for the past decade.

Newcomer Molly McCollum, who signed on just a year ago.

And the person currently filling in post-Ossman, Ella Dorsey, the weekend forecaster for the past three years,

And, of course, “someone from outside the station” who would probably help “take it in the different direction” eagerly sought after by so many tv management types.

Bets are being taken somewhere.

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