We now appear to be at the hand-wringing stage of the CBS-Gayle King contract negotiation.

Page Six reports that some staffers are sweating bullets as the days slip by with no new deal announced that would keep King in one of the “CBS This Morning” chairs.

King is said to want to double her current $5.5 million annual salary.

Many expected the deal to be done and announced at the beginning of the month and as time goes by, every day that passes without the announcement of a new deal is causing heartburn and anxiety around the water cooler.

But Page Six sources say a deal Will. Get. Done. because the morning show is the highest priority right now.

Which means that Jeff Glor can breathe easier because nobody is looking in the direction of the “CBS Evening News” while the King contract is unsettled.

Except maybe Norah O’Donnell.

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