While the future of meteorologist Joe Crain remains in limbo, his yanking from the airwaves of Sinclair’s WICS in Springfield, IL because of his on-air diss of a corporate weather policy is taking a financial toll.

According to the Springfield (IL) Journal-Register, at least four advertisers have pulled their funding from the Sinclair station.

Crain disappeared from the station’s weather center and the station’s website after calling the “Code Red” warning system a “corporate initiative” that isn’t as accurate as National Weather Service alerts.

He said “Code Red” was likely created by a “journalism school graduate,” and is “not perfect.”

He also said he understood that many viewers don’t like the system.

Many viewers also don’t like Sinclair’s marble-mouthed “chief political analyst” Boris Epshteyn‘s propagandistic commentaries, to which Sinclair offers up basically a “TS.”

But when advertisers start pulling their ads – well let’s see just how principled Sinclair is in the face of lost revenue.

The four former advertisers are all local Springfield businesses.

Advertisers leaving, Crain in limbo.

The next move is Sinclair’s

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