There are always bottom feeders looking to profit off other people’s misery and they have no compunction about stealing the reputation of someone honest to accomplish their dirty deeds.

As Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Bahamas and the eastern US coast, many of us got solicitations to donate to Dorian relief funds.

Unfortunately, more than a few of them are likely scams and one of them used the identity of Florida tv meteorologist Denis Phillips to extort a few bucks from people who hoped to do something good with their money.

Phillips, chief meteorologist for Scrips’ WFTS in Tampa, told his Facebook followers this week that someone had created fake posts under his name claiming donations would go to hurricane victims in the Bahamas.

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The scammer told one of the victims “we doing a fund-raiser” for those who lost their homes or were injured when Dorian pounded the Bahamas this week.

The person then said donations could be made using digital payment services like Cash App and Zelle.

Folks, if you want to donate, that’s great.


But make sure that the organization doing the soliciting is on the up and up.

There are just too predators out their doing anything they can to lift a buck

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