You know the tv news business can be a little tough when a part-time job outside of it looks pretty damned good.

Mitch McCoy, a reporter for Nexstar’s KARK in Little Rock, AR for the past four years, is leaving the station shortly to join the Pulaski County sheriff’s office as a part-time public information specialist.

“I’ve always had a passion for wanting to strengthen this community,” McCoy said. “There is something about this community I love. I wanted to stay.”


McCoy will start part-time Sept. 23 with the department.

Burk said McCoy will work up to 29 hours a week at a starting pay of $22 an hour.

Which, when you figure it out, comes pretty damned close to or surpasses what reporters makes in more than a few markets around the country.

When and if the job goes full-time, he’ll be eligible to apply – from the inside.

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