It’s 26 years and out for Chicagoland Television, the local cable news channel that was part of the deal when Nexstar snapped up Tribune Media three months ago.

And like Thanos in those Marvel movies, Nexstar executives continue to snap their fingers, making jobs, and the people who did them, disappear.

CLTV, as Chicagoland was branded, will go dark at the end of the year.

Paul Rennie, general manager of WGN-TV and CLTV broke the news to staff in a memo.

“CLTV has had a great run since it first signed on…but the media landscape has changed dramatically since that time,” Rennie said in the email. “Unfortunately, with news now available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week across a variety of multi-media platforms, it has become increasingly difficult for CLTV to hold on to its audience and remain competitive, despite the high-quality of the local journalism it produces.”

About a dozen CLTV employees affected by the shutdown decision will have the opportunity to apply for jobs at WGN.

At reduced rates, no doubt.

Another four or five will be pink-slipped.


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