It was just a month ago that a bodysurfing accident left WRAL anchor Jeff Hogan paralyzed and facedown in the water off Wrightsville Beach, NC.

A month of therapy and Hogan is returning to the air at the Capital Broadcasting station in Raleigh, NC this week.

You can call it a miracle.
“The doctors afterward said I should not have been able to hold my breath because of the impact and the concussion and the damage I did,” Hogan said.
“It should have knocked the wind out of me, and that brings up a whole separate thing, because the only reason my girls were able to see me floating is because I held my breath and I was able to float. I would have sunk. And then maybe you wash up, or maybe you get swept out, and then it’s all over.”

He returned to work part-time last week co-anchoring the 4:30-7 a.m. news and is set to start full-time, resuming his noon newscast duties as well today.

He’s still being careful.
His lingering symptoms include numbness in his right shoulder, burning sensations in both arms from his elbows to his fingertips and numbness and stiffness in both hands.

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