The continual fermentation bubbling in local television’s creative minds have collectively decided that there is money to be made with new newscasts at 3 pm, 11 am and 9 AM

You really believe the “we seek to better serve the audience” boilerplate?

More commercial avails, that’s the ticket.

First it was Berkshire Hathaway’s WPLG in Miami adding a daily 3PM newscast

Next up, in Houston it was Disney’s KTRK announcing that starting September 10th, it would offer a 3 pm newscast.

Also on September 10th, we reported recently that Hearst’s WISN in Milwaukee is launching an 11 AM newscast.

And now, Graham Media’s KSAT in San Antonio is launching a 9 pm newscast that won’t actually air on the station.

It’s an ABC affiliate and Disney wouldn’t look kindly on the pre-emption of its primetime schedule, so the station will use digital outlets, including Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Samsung and Android smart TVs, and MeTV.

That last is a most interesting wrinkle –an effort to reach millennials in a nontraditional timeslot but on platforms that tend to be attracted more to than the traditional tv station.

It’s yet another glimpse into the future of local television newsrooms which can provide cheaper programming than syndicated offerings and, quite frankly, expanded commercial inventory slots.

Who’s next?

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