Friday’s late-day news dump included the completely-expected news that “Megyn Kelly Today” would not be returning to NBC’s programming schedule.

Instead, Kelly will continue to collect her $23 million annual salary while sitting at home – still an employee of NBC News until her lawyer and the NBC crack legal team can sort it all out.

Let’s face it.

NBC News and Andrew Lack, division boss, had a damned good idea what they were getting.

Unfortunately for them, so did the audience they hoped to attract.

Kelly’s tenure at Fox News was highlighted by her insistence that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were white – and could only be portrayed as white, asserted that “Germany as we know it” was in danger of being lost to Middle Eastern migrants.

And she accused Michelle Obama of perpetuating a “culture of victimization” by discussing racial discrimination she’s faced

For Lack and his lackeys to think they could somehow make her authoritatively cuddly in the morning and cuddly authoritative in prime time was disingenuous at best, utterly stupid at worst.

And now, as she and NBC seek to disentangle themselves from each other, she’s insisting on being paid the full term of her three-year contract – $69 million.

She’s “earned” $23 million. Anything beyond that is severance pay.

Just think what kind of on-the-ground national and international coverage NBC could have bought with that money.

And, if nothing else. Kelly’s stupendous failure – which renders her virtually unemployable anywhere else except maybe Sinclair or One America News Network – shows in a rather stark manner that broadcast networks are not friendly environs for imports from the feces-throwing cable news prime-time schedule.

They are for grown-ups only

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