Houston blogger Mike McGuff notes that Graham Media’s KPRC expanded its 4 PM news this week by another half hour so that that station now offers a full two and a half hour weekday news block from 4 until 6:30 pm.

While the press release announcing the expansion helpfully noted that the additional half hour  “will feature an expanded focus on community, health, lifestyle and digital trending stories, along with extensive weather, traffic and coverage of the news of the day,” that wasn’t what really caught our eye.

Rather, besides the obvious additional commercial pods that are now providing revenue to the station, [t]he new, hour-long newscast will also provide KPRC 2 the opportunity to spotlight the shared chemistry between Garvin and Noël…

Ah, chemistry.

More opportunities to interact, kibitz, share a cuppa.

We’re tingling at the prospect.

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