It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Cable news’ addiction to talking heads has been flirting more and more with bottom feeding of late as it seeks to fill that 24/7 beast with material.

So, inevitably, CNN has hired a former reality show star as its latest gasbag.

OK, admittedly, Sean Duffy is a former 4-term Republican congressman from Wisconsin, but we can’t help but wonder if he would have achieved even that without a resume that featured stints on MTV’s “The Real World: Boston” and “Road Rules: All Stars.”

His first two appearances were fairly gobsmacking, as he used his new platform to spread a debunked conspiracy theory, suggesting that Ukraine was actually behind the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email server, and that Ukraine-owned company CrowdStrike took those hacked servers to Ukraine.

The theory, a favorite of Mr. Trump’s, has been pushed by top White House figures, but has been quickly shot down and discredited by numerous national security experts, and has been debunked by the network’s own reporters.

Viewers instantly reacted:

“Beyond belief,” wrote one Twitter user. “@CNN hired another GOP propagandist–Sean Duffy. In a matter of minutes, he’s pushed junk Republican talking points, conspiracy theories exonerating Trump & Russia, smeared Biden, and said people love the policies and Trump’s not making any money off presidency.”

The user added a few emoji faces — “mind-blown” and “embarrassed” — for emphasis.

Another wrote to the network: “epic failure with the Sean Duffy hire….you’re letting this jack ass promote debunked conspiracy garbage. Changing the channel every time he’s on….FU.”

Yes, but ratings….

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