MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle  has been named senior business correspondent at NBC News, but she wants to take that role in a different direction.

Ruhle wants to do the type of business-news coverage that’s aimed more at the supermarket, and less fawning over the stock market.

I think every person out there cares about the money in their wallet, cares about their financial health,” Ruhle says. “If we can help a general audience get better and smarter as it relates to their own finances – and broader – I think there’s a huge opportunity.”

She plans to hang on to her MSNBC 9 AM anchor slot while performing her new duties appearing on NBC News’ “Today” and “NBC Nightly News” and other NBC News venues.

And Benjy Sarlin, a political reporter with NBC News since 2013 took to the Twitter to share some news

Before joining NBC News, Sarlin worked primarily for online and print publications.

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