Friday is exit interview day for Abby Huntsman, one of the gaggle of co-hosts on ABC’s “The View.”

Huntsman, who’s been with the program since September 2018, says she is leaving to work on her father’s (former GOP governor Jon Huntsman) bid for re-election and, yeah, ok “to spend more time with her family.”

But “Page Six” is reporting that Huntsman’s major impetus for getting off the set is co-host Meghan McCain, who has evidently become the focus of a lot of anger among the hosts and staff of the talker.

It’s an unhealthy environment — just the way that things are handled during shows and how people deal with each other,” said an insider familiar with Huntsman’s thinking. “It’s intense. Abby made an issue [to executives] about the overall environment. She’s felt for a while that things had to change.

Reportedly, Huntsman is not the only one who’s gone to HR to complain about McCain’s on-set and behind-the-scenes behavior.

The source said that co-host Whoopi Goldberg has also complained about the atmosphere on the set.

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