It’s not only that “abundance of caution” that is forcing tv newsrooms to adjust to this new and (we hope) short-term reality.

In Pittsburgh, CBS-owned KDKA is going through an anchor shuffle that viewers are noticing.

TV news people are often parents as well and the closing of the schools dues to the COVID-19 emergency presents another set of challenges.

A viewer asked local tv writer Rob Owen why only one anchor, Ken Rice, was in the studio.

He asked the boss.

According to Channel 2 news director Kathy Hostetter, the station is in the midst of rotating who anchors in the studio.

“It wasn’t a matter of ‘picking,’” she said. “Ken was fresh back from vacation and wanted to help. He’s first up in the rotation of anchors, which has also helped his colleagues figure out home life due to school closings, family needs, etc. Susan, Kristine and Stacy will all be rotating shifts for the unforeseeable future. And, they are all sending in reports remotely!”

At Hearst’s WTAE, evening anchor Janelle Hall is working out of her home for much the same reason as is morning co-anchor Kelly Frey..

It’s becoming a common occurrence.

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