Stories like the preceding are happening in newsrooms from across the country.

It’s almost too many to keep track of.

From Washington, NC to Fargo, ND, from St. Louis to Portland, OR and points in between we are seeing newsrooms having to adjust their method of operation even as they are being asked to cover what is possibly the most significant story many of them will cover in our lifetime.

Staffers are working at home after possible exposure to COVID-19 while others continues to hit the streets and risk possible exposure to bring the story to viewers hungry for information a new and still largely unknown health danger.

In the past, covering major events in this category might consist of going to a single scene of a massive fire, or a tornado or hurricane.

This is….everywhere.

It is potentially around every reporter in the field and it requires extraordinary measures to stay safe while doing that is required.

We’ve heard a lot in recent weeks about grocery workers, drug store employees, and police and fire first responders required to be on the job in the face of a national emergency.

Add journalists.

Good luck to you all.

Stay safe and bring the news.

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