C-SPAN is the last refuge of reasonably intelligent discourse on its phone-in shows.

The refuge appears to be under siege.

“The Washington Post‘s” Paul Waldman was guesting when a man named Christopher called in on the designated “Republican” phone number.

“Yes good morning,” Christopher began before adding, “Barack Obama is an illegal alien.”

When the host asked “How to you know this?” the seven-second delay button kicked in and all went blank.

It went like this.

What bonehead “Christopher” followed up with, according to Waldman was the shouted comment “Death to the ni**er Obama.”

Clever “Christopher.” Very clever.

When the sound did come back, bonehead “Christopher” was gone and the host promised to try and get someone “who has something constructive” to add to the conversation.

C-SPAN may be the last entity out there possessing that ability.

Unless more Christophers decide the rest of us need to be more like them and start calling in.

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